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Benefits of Learning Spanish with Audio CDs

Most people today tend to lead very busy lifestyles and feel like they just don't have the time to do other things such as learning another language. Some of us have full time jobs and have children we look after while some of us attend school full time. The Visual Link courses provide the flexibility of learning Spanish on the go.

You can learn Spanish with the 10 different Audio CDs the Visual Link Courses provide. Play them in your car on the way to work, school or even a long road trip. The convenience of having your Spanish Lessons with you wherever you go is a tremendous benefit.

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Visual Link Spanish Course

The Visual Link Spanish Course is a computer program of interactive Spanish lessons with both visual and audio features to help learn Spanish right away. You'll be able to learn Spanish on the go with Audio CDs you can play in your car.

The Visual Link Spanish Course comes packed with
  • 2 CDs for the Computer
  • 200 Interactive Spanish Lessons and Activities
  • 49 Interactive Learning Lessons
  • 26 Vocabulary Review Lessons
  • 37 Review Games
  • 45 Verbal Quizzes
  • 13 Written Practice Quizzes
  • 30 Pronunciation Lessons
  • 10 Audio CDs so you can learn Spanish in your car
  • CD Traveling Case
  • Conversation Manual

Learning Spanish Is Fun with Visual Link Spanish
Learning Spanish with the Visual Link courses are intensive. With 37 different review games that uses visual and audio tools to teach you Spanish sentence structure, vocabulary words and pronunciation, learning Spanish has never been so easy.

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